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Delicious Coffee & 

Food made with love

Nestled in the quiet end of Urangan, opposite Dayman Park, sits our beautiful heritage listed cafe, The Hervey Bay Dayman General Store. 

We pride ourselves on offering our customers a welcoming and relaxing environment, where they feel at home and part of the local community.  

We understand that no two customers are the same and therefore offer a diverse menu, including an extensive range of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options and a wide range of alternative milks at no extra cost. Cus why should you pay more, just because you don't enjoy cows milk?

We have made a conscious decision to create a menu we are proud of, exclusively using the highest quality, natural ingredients, sourced from reputable local growers and suppliers.  We choose to serve free range chicken and eggs, hormone free meats, whilst maintaining affordable prices for our customers. So drop on down to your local and experience the difference!

We love what we do, let us share it with you
Pouring Coffee

Delicious Coffee

We love to support local businesses and growers,  exclusively serving locally roasted Hervey Bay Coffee since opening our doors in 2020.

We are currently in the process of enduring many hours of joyous tasting and testing, to develop a smooth, rich easy drinking blend of beans, which is unique to The Hervey Bay Dayman General Store.

To ensure your daily cup is just the way you like it, we use the highest quality milks and equipment and our friendly staff regularly undergo training.


If you are searching for a breakfast that will not only start your day right, but also help nourish your body, we've got you covered! Our extensive menu is guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.


Whether you feel like something fruity and light like our popular Acai Coco Bowls, something a little more hearty like our famous free range eggs Benny, or maybe a breakfast that will help keep the diet in check such as our delicious Keto Breakfast, you will be glad you came to The General Store to start your day.



Whether you are looking for something on the run or to enjoy a relaxing meal at our 100 seat cafe, we have an extensive range of tasty Buddha Bowls, Salads, Toasties and snacks, made from the freshest ingredients which will leave you feeling satisfied. 

We choose to exclusively use locally baked sourdough bread and offer vegan cheese on request at no extra charge. 

We care.

Why Ethical Coffee & Food Matters to us

On average, we eat four times a day, 365 times per year. That's 1460 opportunities to eat something that is either going to nourish, or harm our bodies. 

We pride ourselves on serving healthy, wholesome foods which are free from chemicals and toxins, which are not only good for you, but taste amazing!

Where ever possible (the majority of the time) we source our ingredients from local farms, not only because local and fresh cant be beaten on taste, but because these farmers do things the right way and deserve our support. We help them by creating a market for their products, you can help them when you eat here. 

We exclusively serve locally roasted Hervey Bay Coffee which imports ethically sourced beans and roasts them just 10km from the cafe. We truely believe that offering products as fresh and as close to the source allows us to provide our customers with an outstanding experience.

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